My Stylist had a client come in near Mother’s Day who was saddened by the fact that she wouldn’t see her children on Mother’s Day as they both lived out of town.

My stylist made the decision to buy flowers and bring them to her clients house the day before Mother’s Day just so she’d have a bit of Mother’s Day this year as well.

The client was so touched that they both had a great cry and the client went on and on about how much this touched her and really meant to her.

My question is: Do you think my stylist will ever lose that client? Do you feel this is going the extra mile for your customer? When’s the last time your stylist did this for you? Would you leave this Stylist over the difference of a dollar or two on a cut and shampoo (or just a cut if you’re a dude because most of us don’t seem to take advantage of the best part for some reason – the shampoo)?

Knowing this stylist very well I know she didn’t do it for any other reason then she cares for her client, but nonetheless, if karma is truly a b**ch, then she should have enough good karma to take her through at least the next month – and if not, well at least she has another happy client.

Cheers, cpoirier