Yes, there is a reason for the picture above – it’s how my girlfriend feels we have been treated as a result of my raising a concern about a product not being available for purchase during our visits to the store despite it being advertised as a menu product throughout the store.

But, I have been really using the Toenail Clipping term too often in association with these recent posts about the store who didn’t carry the high selling product because staff “couldn’t be convinced to bring it out from the back” for customers (and the manager who was too busy clipping her toenails in the office to address the problem in the first place) and so this is the final update on this one (I promise).

During our recent visits to the store, we noticed that more often than not the product has been available for us to purchase (so yes, we felt someone was listening and that this was actually addressed with staff – but weren’t sure).

It was confirmed though a couple of days ago when the staff saw us and rushed back to grab the product and bring it out for us specifically …. this of course wasn’t what I was looking for …. I didn’t want the issue to be addressed simply for us, as they even acknowledged that it was an ongoing problem that many of their customers had raised concerns about.

I also wasn’t looking for them to say that they could set some of the product aside as they are well aware of the “issue / incident”

So, sad to say, the problem was addressed (and that is more than a lot of places do) but it was somehow presented in a way that the staff now see us as the “problem customers” and the result is that my girlfriend doesn’t even want to go there anymore since it is now being discussed during every visit.

And here lies a big problem in today’s customer service landscape – if you bring up the issue, sometimes the manager will defend the situation, view the customer as the problem, not make a change anyway, ignore the customer, etc. In addition, it is very difficult for the staff and managers working in customer service as sometimes they encounter customers who are truly “problem customers” and it’s often easy to lump all customers into the very same category.

It can seem you’re darned if you do and you’re darned if you don’t, no matter which side of the counter you stand.

The solution – more staff training to raise awareness (to managers and their staff) about the importance of customer service, how to recognize and react to customer concerns, about the importance of (and steps for) creating a positive customer exeperience, etc.

And as customers, hopefully when we see that our issues / concerns are addressed on a regular basis (like years gone by), the separation between the jaded customer (who once never complained but is now tired of receiving sub-par service) and the problem customer who just likes to complain will continue to widen.

Until then, onward and upward,


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