Just this past week I sat down with a client and we were speaking about a business he used to own where some clients spent just $5.00 in his store and others spent as much as $10,000 in one transaction.

He mentioned that he had a policy to meet with any customer who asked to speak with him directly (and thank them for their business) or any customer who was making a purchase when he was near the cash area – his comment was that every customer is just as important, whether they are spending $5.00 or $5,000 – wouldn’t it be great if every server / supplier felt this way?

Wouldn’t it be just as great if everyone realized that the $5.00 customer could become a future $5000 customer (and beyond) if you treat them right?

Next time you’re in front of a customer, if you simply remind yourself that every customer is as important as the next, you’ll be ahead of the game, and much better prepared to create customers for life…and not just for now.

Until that time, here’s to your great success


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