Last week I interviewed a Speaker who was for many years an executive at a global company and then also owner of a very unique clothing store known for their world class customer service.

When the interview is in print I’ll share more details but one of the things he mentioned in the interview speaks volumes about the benefits of putting customers first.

Back when he was running the store, most of his competitors put a limit on how many items of clothing customers could take into the changing room with them.

His (paraphrased) response, why would you want to limit the amount of items your customer can consider purchasing? Because less than 1% may consider stealing an item? He went further, and added more hooks than normal in the changing rooms so that Mothers wouldn’t have to struggle (and juggle) with various items while in the changing rooms.

Bottom line is he looked at what his customers needed, but weren’t getting elsewhere, and went forward in delivering that experience.

The result? A highly successful store that created amazing customer experiences on a daily basis.

The question is, how many other stores are following his lead vs. the ones ey telling the “honest” customers there is a limit to what they can “buy” because there are a few bad seeds in the world?

Until next time, onward and upward,


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