We will be featuring an interview with Customer Service Guru John R. Dijulius III in an upcoming edition of our publication, but in the meantime I am reading (and perhaps planning to review) his newer book on Customer Service called What’s The Secret. In the book he mentions a customer service survey they should have you thinking about customer service today. I have to say that my own experience leads me to believe these numbers are more than accurate in any market I’ve visited or worked.

In fact, in early 2009 we tallied a survey that resulted from hundreds of interviews with business owners and found an almost identical result.

The survey details as noted in John Dijulius’ thus far fantastic book:

Bain and Company, a business consulting firm, surveyed customers of 362 companies (in February 2007 under the survey name HBR Understanding Customer Experience) and found that:

– only 8 percent of customers surveyed described their experience as superior
– Yet, 80 perecent of customers surveyed believe that the service they provided was indeed superior

hmmmm. Interesting.


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