I recently interviewed New Brunswick based speaker, and branding expert Gair Maxwell, for an upcoming edition of Island Business News.

As a side-note, Gair is opening for Gene Simmons along with Nova Scotia based singer / songwriter / social media speaker Dave Carroll this coming Friday in New Brunswick at Gene’s only Atlantic Canadian Appearance on his branding talk tour – how cool is that? More details about Gair’s involvement can be see at the link below:

Now, back to the task at hand. Before interviewing Gair I picked up a copy of his new book Nuts, Bolts and a Few Loose Screws, and after the interview I read the book from cover to cover. In the Mid-Feb. Edition of Island Business News I’ll be reviewing the book.

In the interim, let me just say that a quote in the book really speaks volumes about the power each employee has over the customer experience. It’s actually a quote by branding guru Seth Godin.

The Quote: “All the magazine ads in the world can’t undo one lousy desk clerk”

Wow. Powerful. And best of all, true. My question to you is, does the experience you deliver (at the front end or the back end) match the expectations promised to your customers in your company’s ads? If not, what can you do to change that? And yes, this applies even if you don’t own or run the company – your actions should still match your customer’s expectations.

And why did I go through all of the trouble to mention Gair and his book when the quote was by someone else (and reprinted in the book)?

Because all of the brands that Gair singles out in the book (almost without exception) have more than just a great, well defined brand in common – they also obsess about customer service and do their best to ensure that they don’t have many (if any) lousy desk clerks.

To that end, it’s a great read if you want to learn more about how great brands become great and how they also serve with excellence.



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