Continuing on my theme from yesterday, about your brand message matching your customer’s experience, here’s a great example to demonstrate how important this is.

Staples Business Depot for quite some time now has used the motto “That Was Easy”

Now, in my blog here, I’m not going to say whether my experiences with Staples are easy or not, I’ll leave that for you to judge (i.e. your experiences with Staples and whether or not they are easy).

All I’m going to say is this – IF you walk into Staples tomorrow to purchase or find a product (or even for support with a product) and IF your experience isn’t EASY, all the money in the world spent on promoting that Motto will do them little good in your eyes.

And so, if you’re brand message or promise (or Motto) promises something (especially in relation to customer service), all I’m stressing is to make sure your promise is matched by the experience each customer has with your company or your sales promise.

Otherwise, better to focus on the client interaction / experience side of your business first, and then make the message match or develop a promise that reflects the interaction / experience.

Until then, here’s to your greater success.



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