I’m just starting to read the book NUTS, which is about “Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” (actually, that’s the subtitle of the book).

Southwest Airlines is the organization that Westjet models itself after (or at least did) and we all know that turned out very well (seriously, Westjet Rocks!! in my opinion and as far as airlines go)

Now, just a tidbit from the book and CEO Herb Kelleher’s approach to business.

Well, actually, before we share the tidbit, let me just say that it’s been proven many times over, if you treat your employees like family, praise them often, treat them with respect, etc. there is a much better chance your employees will treat your customers well.

The following line I read in the book sums up how Herb Kelleher treats his employees, and it may be just one of the many reasons Southwest is known the world over as a world class customer service provider – because his employees treat their customers in kind. The line from the book is:

“To some politicians and CEOS, it is inconceivable that Herb won’t change his schedule if he has commitments with Southwest Employees.”

How many leaders put their true customers (in Herb’s case, Southwest Employees) before other CEOs and prestigious politicians?

I’m guessing not as many as you might think, but what a great way to demonstrate to your customers (again, in Herbs case, his employees) the value you place on them.

Can you imagine if every person placed this kind of value on their customers? Until that happens though, we (you and I) can certainly make sure that we do.

Onward and Upward,


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