This past Saturday I visited an Alpaca Farm (think small Llamas or refer to the picture above), as we are currently preparing to run a story on the farm in the upcoming edition of our Island Business News Publication.

The lady who runs the Alpac Farm was nice enough to take us on a tour of the farm and the experience she created while we were there was comparable to customer experiences created by world class customer experience providers.

In an upcoming post, I’ll describe how she hit the 5 steps we describe in our Creating A+ Customer Experiences program, but let’s just start by saying I’ve been to many a farm in my life and if I was viewed as a customer during some of those experiences, it didn’t always feel like it.

It’s very often the rarity where a tour was offered, let alone one that felt like it was TRULY ABOUT ME AS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER.

Whether you’re a buying customer (i.e. buying items made by Alpaca fur, and the items are many) or just a family looking for a great experience for your children, this is one farm where everyone is truly welcome, and the customer experience is first class….at least in my opinion.

You can learn more about this particular Alpaca Farm at or by reading about them in the Mid-April Edition of Island Business News, but between now and then, I’ll check back in for another post about this farm to explain just how they (whether intentially or unintentionally) created such an exceptional customer experience in the eyes of the people who were present for the experience.

Until then, onward and upward,
Corey Poirier


One comment

  1. Nancy · March 30, 2011

    As I accompanied Corey to the Lama / Alpaca Farm I have to say it was one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had in some time, I visited a little peice of Heaven on Earth & this was due to the Lama/Alpacas themselves along with the owner being as Corey desribed providing so much information and making it about these wonderful animals – We are blessed to have them and her on our Island
    If you have a chance to visit her farm, by all means do so – you’ll not want to have missed this wonderful experience

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