Note: This is a repost of our very first Gimmie My Ketchup Blog…just a blast from the past…

…I do a lot of traveling as a result of my Speaking Career and the Newspaper we publish on a monthly basis.

I go through a BIG coffee shop enterprise on a regular basis and 9 times out of 10 the employee at the drive-through keeps my change without asking if I want it back.

Ironically, I don’t want the change back but I also don’t want anyone assuming that they can keep it.

I sometimes wonder when this will be addressed – I’ve spoken up and asked individual managers who said “wow, that should not happen” but on each successive trip through the exact same establishment it continues to….and I haven’t had time to bring it to the attention of the executive team (i.e. CEO) within the organization….sometime soon I’m sure.

hmmm…Should I still care? Should I bring my business somewhere else? So many options to consider….don’t even get me started about the fact that I have to ask for ketchup at some restaurants, if I want some (sad….so sad)

In the meantime – Onward and Upward…




  1. hermitgirl5656 · January 16, 2012

    The bigger problem I see happening is someone goes to buy a coffee for $1.75 and the cashier keeps the change from a $10.00 – it could happen if they are allowed to think they have the right to anyone’s change
    Something I hate nowadays is how you go to pay your bill in a restaurant with debit and it asks me at the cash if I want to leave a tip – why are tips not to be left at the table like it used to be or worse yet some places are tallying a percentage to your bill for a tip – isn’t a tip supposed to be for service? Why would I want to pay someone who served me horribly a percentage of my bill?
    You would think the owners of these corporations would come to realize it could stop (some people) from frequenting their establishment whether it be cashiers keeping change or adding a tip to a bill (or on the debit machine) – personally I think on the debit machine is a slick way to guilt the customer into tipping & personally I still like the freedom of choice

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