Someone I’m very close with recently sent me a quote … “May your day be dulled by Sunshine and Rainbows!” Within minutes of receiving this quote I realized the reason this person talks Sunshine and Rainbows is because that is what she brings with her everywhere she goes.

This has a major impact on Customer Service. If you bring Rainbows and Sunshine to work with you, you’re customers will feel that, they will experience that, and they will tell others because they will want their friends and family to experience the same.

However, if you bring rain and clouds everywhere you go (including work) your customers will experience something dramatically different (and they will make sure to tell others not to go to the place you’ve brought the rain and clouds to).

So, whether you bring Sunshine or Rain to work with you actually does have a major impact on whether customers will return to your work location or avoid it like the plague.

So, again, I ask you the question, do you bring Sunshine everywhere you go … or do you bring rain?

Until next time, Yours in Success.



One comment

  1. Nancy · May 6, 2012

    This Saturday the 12th of May it will be 6 years since a man who always brought sunshine and rainbows into my world has passed on – I didn’t think of it before, but he left sunshine and rainbows with me (in my memory) no rain, no thunder and certainly no drama so it’s important to know that when someone spreads sunshine & rainbows they do indeed live on with another

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