SLASH Your Normal Service Strategies


A couple of weeks ago, I saw SLASH (Yes, the Slash formerly of Guns N’ Roses and formerly of Velvet Revolver) perform at the Award Winning Northern Alberta Jubilee Theatre.

First, let me just say that it was a world class performance by a world class performer in a world class theatre.

These days though, with my customer service hat on, I always watch performances to see if the performer delivers on all four of my steps for delivering an A+ Customer Experience.

Let’s put SLASH’S performance to the test.

Step # 1: Making it about the customer? Yes. They played everything from GNR to Velvet Revolver to Slash’s solo CD’s.

Step # 2: Involving the customer? Yes. They continually asked the audience if they were having fun, commented on their previous experiences in the same city, and asked the audience to sing along many times.

Step # 3: Being in the moment? Yes. Didn’t see SLASH or any of the band checking their blackberries or I-Phones between songs

Step # 4: Delivering the wow? Yes. SLASH’s solos alone took care of this, but there brilliant performances of classic GNR tunes like Sweet Child of Mine and ParadiseCity (with Myles Kennedy nailing Axl’s voice to almost to a T) certainly didn’t hurt either.

So, now that we know SLASH (and many world class performers) deliver all four steps to creating (and delivering) an A+ Customer Experience, it’s time for you to ask whether you’re organization (or the company you work for) delivers on all four as well.

Until then, here’s to your greater success,

Corey Poirier

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This past Sunday I was responsible for booking a benefit show and I had the honor of watching John Dunsworth (aka. Mr. Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys) create an experience with his storytelling act.

Never underestimate the power of World Class Performers to create a Customer Experience and also your ability as a Future (or Current) World Class Server to learn from their approach to Creating A Customer Experience. I’ll drop by soon and talk more about how I feel John Dunsworth did this during the show I’m referring to.

In the meantime, here’s a picture from the show:


I recently updated my facebook status mentioning Richard Pryor, Lennie Bruce, Chris Rock and Feargall Quinn’s great customer service book Crowning The Customer.

Someone dropped by and asked me what they have to do with customer service (other than Quinn’s book that is) and so I thought I’d post a quick blog to say simply this:

They all create (or did create) memorable, high value experiences for their customers that those customers were happy to pay a premium for, and experiences that yeild(ed) the great returns.

Wow, as we discussed before, turns out even world class entertainers are creating customer experiences on a regular basis.

Perhaps we CAN learn more than a little bit about customer service from the greats in all industries.

Until then, onward and upward.