When you’re sitting in front of a customer, are you focused on who is front of you, or on who’s NEXT?

High achievers (including high achieving customer service providers) are present and in the moment during every interaction; especially with their customers?

Food for thought, isn’t it?

Until next time, here’s to your success, Corey Poirier

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By now you may have heard that Sears has closed some US stores but in Canada say’s they will improve Customer Service in the stores rather than close or sell any stores.

Below you can read a column citing Sears Canada as an organization to emulate or study when it comes to serving customers effectively.

Below this sentence you can read a release about this development at Sears.–sears-canada-aims-to-improve-shopping-for-consumers-no-store-closures-planned

My question is whether YOU feel stating that “we plan to make the shopping experience better” is a good statement or bad statement for Sears to make? i.e. does it say that the experience wasn’t good before to customers who have been supporting them until now OR does it say we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for our customers?

I’m not judging one way or another – would just love to hear what others thing / feel about this move?

Corey Poirier


I was speaking to a group of University Employees this week on Customer Service and I shared the following quote from a 2010 issue of Island Business News, and applicable interview with comedian Jimmy Flynn:

“If you walk around with a smile on your face, others smile. If you walk around with a frown, other’s frown. Why wouldn’t you want to leave a person with a smile on their face?”
Comedian Jimmy Flynn

As someone who has seen two Jimmy Flynn performances (20 years apart from each other), I have to say that Jimmy truly lives this quote, by walking out on the stage with a smile on his face night after night (well, I should say that if two shows have the same vibe with a 20 year gap and everyone who you talk to expresses the same experience attending shows in-between, I’m really saying that we can probably conclude that he does create the same experience during each show)

The result?

Jimmy is placing smiles on the faces of the members of his audience (his customers) night after night…and mostly leaving them with a smile on their faces.

The question is, how much would it impact your business if every single one of your customers walked away with a smile on their face and a positive energy based on their experience with your product or service?

Well, it all starts with a smile….and perhaps even more important, it takes more muscles to frown than smile….so even if you’re lazy or not happy by nature, it takes more work to smile….why not do less work, improve your business, your customer’s experiences, and everyone’s lives all at the same time 🙂

Until then,