…Remember when I said Performers Can Create a World Class Experience for Customers???

Here’s the proof:

1) Started listening to Martin (Sexton) when I was living in Edmonton, AB and the guy doesn’t play Canada much but last year saw him at Harmony House in PEI (his only gig in Canada last year I believe and Harmony House secured it) – check this dude out – his stuff is epic (IMO of course) and he creates a customer experience that brings people back:


2) I respected Bluegrass but I wasn’t a big fan until I saw the Kruger Brothers in Ottawa – check out the entire video and even if you don’t like Bluegrass, I’ll be surprised if you don’t like this.


3) Matt Anderson is a brilliant Atlantic Canadian treasure and here’s something cool – I think it was Stuart McLean from The Vinyl Cafe who quickly introduced Matt based on voice – you can’t see his face well. Anywell, Matt also creates an awesome experience with his live performances…or perhaps in this case it’s his voice, but check other youtube vids of Matt and you’ll see why I say that he creates World Class Customer Experiences…

Here’s to creating Memorable Customer Experiences….

Onward And Upward,