I just received an email this morning (Happy 2012 everyone, by the way) from someone who read my post on shopping from yourself. He said, “Do you think the show Uncover Boss has been a good example of that? Do you like the idea of Uncover Boss or think it’s just another way to capitalize on the Realty TV craze?”


Actually, I do like the idea of having a boss at a major company disguise themselves so as to work within their organization to see what it looks like from the inside out. AND, it (the show) being popular means that the average viewer gets a better understanding of what a business looks like behind the scenes and perhaps gains an appreciation for how things look (not always so rosey) behind the camera and maybe gains a bit of empathy for the business owners doing things for the right reasons.

I also think it’s great because it might give more CEO’s and Business Owners the idea that they should have a great understanding of how their business is operating from both the inside out and the outside in, and whether their customers are being served properly.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I also think it’s another way to capitalize on the Realty TV craze, much like The Apprentice (and Richard Branson’s short lived Rebel Billionaire) was / is.

What I wonder though is how come nobody wonders why there is so much focus on this new employee, and how do they (the producers / cameramen / women) get so many great camera angles without everyone else wondering why this new employee, who sometimes holds a striking resemblance to somewho who looks very familiar for some strange reason, is getting so much camera attention…

“Ah, but the person I’m thinking of doesn’t wear a hat or have a partial beard so it must be all in my mind,” They must say to themselves.

Well, must be the same situation as Clark Kent / Superman.

I mean those Lenscrafter frames were more than enough disguise to fool Lois Lane, so how would hundreds or thousands of employees ever figure out that the boss could be posing as a New Employee?

I guess the big challenge is in keeping them (employees) from watching or realizing that such a show exists in the first place – for then, they may have a sneaking suspicion that it could be going on in their very company…

But I digress, I’d say Uncover Boss is an customer service friend, even if it just means that I don’t accidently find myself watching Big Brother or Jersey Shore…

Until next time,