Note: This is a repost of our very first Gimmie My Ketchup Blog…just a blast from the past…

…I do a lot of traveling as a result of my Speaking Career and the Newspaper we publish on a monthly basis.

I go through a BIG coffee shop enterprise on a regular basis and 9 times out of 10 the employee at the drive-through keeps my change without asking if I want it back.

Ironically, I don’t want the change back but I also don’t want anyone assuming that they can keep it.

I sometimes wonder when this will be addressed – I’ve spoken up and asked individual managers who said “wow, that should not happen” but on each successive trip through the exact same establishment it continues to….and I haven’t had time to bring it to the attention of the executive team (i.e. CEO) within the organization….sometime soon I’m sure.

hmmm…Should I still care? Should I bring my business somewhere else? So many options to consider….don’t even get me started about the fact that I have to ask for ketchup at some restaurants, if I want some (sad….so sad)

In the meantime – Onward and Upward…




This past Sunday I was responsible for booking a benefit show and I had the honor of watching John Dunsworth (aka. Mr. Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys) create an experience with his storytelling act.

Never underestimate the power of World Class Performers to create a Customer Experience and also your ability as a Future (or Current) World Class Server to learn from their approach to Creating A Customer Experience. I’ll drop by soon and talk more about how I feel John Dunsworth did this during the show I’m referring to.

In the meantime, here’s a picture from the show:


If you want to serve with passion, you need passion in your life – starting point? Determine what it is that you would do for free, or what you would do if you had all the money you ever needed. Chances are that is one of (if not your key) passion areas. Start spending more time on that passion (even if it’s alongside your central job) and that passion will eventually spill over into everything you do.

For example, I was working away at a sales career that I did enjoy in 2002. I loved my work but my life didn’t feel fully fulfilled. I had an opportunity to bring a stage-play to life and jumped at it. That was a passion for me (writing and creating). That then led to an opportunity to perform stand-up comedy (writing and creating) which quickly became another passion area.

Eventually, my training and stand-up comedy lives merged and I discovered this thing called “Professional Speaking”

8 years later, and a 10 year sales career behind me, and I’m spending each and every day living a life of passion (speaking to and working with clients to help their staff become more inspired, entertained, educated and motivated to work with more purpose and significance).

This wouldn’t have started if I wouldn’t have eventually chosen to act on my passion by launching the stag-play outside of my traditional career.

So, what am I suggesting you do, if you want to add more passion to your life so that you serve your customers (and everyone else for that matter) with more passion?

I simply saying that if it’s not your primary career that drives your passion, find the thing that does, bring more of it into your life, and it can’t help but eventually spill over into everything you do, and ultimately, everyone you serve will feel that they were served with passion.

Until then, you can start by smiling more than you frown each day. It takes more work to frown and it’s harder to serve with passion when you’re frowning, so why not take it easy and walk around with a smile on your face – leave the real work until later.