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One of my clients just posted the following on Facebook:

“Omg ! I kid you not while standing at the gas pump pumping my gas I was approached by a group led by a child who handed me money $50. To help pay for my gas. Random act of kindness they told me. I am flabbergasted! What amazing people! What an amazing experience. Just wow!!”

The question I have is…in what ways can we create Random Acts of Customer Service Kindness? Feel free to share.

Yours in Success,


Mark Sanborn Pic

Have you read Mark Sanborn’s Fred Factor book yet? How about the new FRED 2.0?

If you want to know more about how to be extraordinary in your work, I highly recommend Mark’s books.

In the interim, don’t forget to check out Mark’s interview on our Conversations With PASSION Radio Show this Tuesday, May 14th (2013) at or

Until then, here’s to your greater success,


My Mother’s Mailman (well Mail-lady actually) used to arrive every-day with a dog biscuit for the Black Lab that My Mother had for 9 years.

I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t receive any financial benefit as a result of taking this extra initiative, however, she sure had fans in my Mother and my Mother’s dog.

Had she went into business for herself after all those years of going above and beyond, and had my Mother discovered this, isn’t it safe to say that my Mother would be a major supporter in helping her business grow?

Want to know why more people don’t go this far? Check back later this week for my opinion on this.

Until that time, perhaps you might like to think of a way that you can create fans for your personal brand like this Mail-Lady did with my Mother and my Mother’s dog, and also like this lady, without expecting anything in return.

Until that time, onwards and upwards,

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