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The Speaking Program is a 3-month program designed to help beginning and seasoned speakers, along with entrepreneurs, who want to leverage speaking to grow their brand and/or business. Multiple-time TEDx Speaker, Corey Poirier, and his close Expert Friends, are aiming to help people crush it on the stage and positively impact thousands in the process.

We feel the more people who learn about this program, the bigger impact we can have together. Below you’ll find email copy, social media copy, images and more that will assist in spreading The Speaking Program love.


Details About The Speaking Program

– The program is split into 3 modules (Process / Promotion & Positioning / Profit).
– Experts provide niche insight into various areas impacting the beginning and/or seasoned speaker.
– The program includes regular Q&A’s.
– The program also includes a private Facebook community.
– Weekly training and applicable homework.
…and so much more


Affiliate Email Copy For Free Video Training Portion of Launch (ideally to be sent on June 22nd when the first video launches)

Option # 1 Introduction Email:

You’re just one speaking engagement away…

This could be the Video Training that changes your life.

Whether you’re looking for profit, to create impact or influence, to create freedom in your business and life, or looking to grow your business or brand, professional speaking could be a HUGE focus for you in 2017.

This video training could also be the answer you’ve been hoping for.

When you factor in the level of industry knowledge Corey Poirier brings to this training I’m about to share, his multiple time TEDx experience, and the content he has put together for you, wow…

Starting today, June 22nd, my friend, as a multiple-time TEDx Speaker, International bestselling Author, and Top-Rated Radio Show Host, Corey, will be bringing the HEAT for you in his brand-new video series; starting with today’s new video.

I’ll be watching the first video any minute, will you?

In just the first video in this four-part series, Corey will be delivering exclusive insight on:
• Proven strategies to gather testimonials, leads and build your newsletter tribe all with one talk!
• The power of the Spider Method in relation to creating personalized presentations!
• How to use the stage to spread your message and build ‘influencer’ status!
• Why NOW is the best time ever to speak from the stage and grow a personal brand / business!

The best part is this video training is FREE! (and in the upcoming 4 videos, there is so much more to come)

The Evaluation Form, The Spider Method, Impacting From The Stage…it’s all here in just this first video!

Register HERE and prepare to create lasting impact!

Option # 2 Introduction Email:

Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest reasons people avoid taking the stage. Speaking is the # 1 fear above death. This is why Jerry Seinfeld has said that for most people, if they were at a funeral they would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.

For others, those who have conquered the fear of the stage, earning an income, finding the right gigs, or growing their brand from the stage has proved difficult.

Yet, speaking is one of the most powerful ways to positively impact lives, create a lasting legacy, become an influencer, earn a lucrative income, and/or grow a brand or business.

It makes sense that you are afraid of taking the stage or struggle finding the right paying gigs. Maybe you have taken some form of training in the past that didn’t show you how to conquer that fear or easily find paying clients.

This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

I want to share a way which can help you realize your dream of speaking from the stage while impacting and influencing others.

My friend, and multiple-time TEDx Speaker, International Bestselling Author and top-rated Radio Show Host Corey Poirier, knows the speaking world front to back, inside / out…

And he knows personally, from spending time in the trenches, that if you set things up right, learning the craft of professional speaking (whether for profit or business growth or influence), doesn’t have to be so hard, and that you can leverage speaking to grow a massive brand, become an influencer, impact lives, and get paid thousands each time you do it.

Corey is a 15-year veteran of the speaking world who has leveraged speaking to grow a top rated podcast, launch an International Bestselling book, land multiple TEDx Talks, and interview more than 4,000 of the world’s top influential leaders, including Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Bob Burg, Mari Smith and John Lee Dumas.

He’s worked with thousands of clients across North America to help them learn what the top 1% are doing, and as a result, helps his clients shorten time spent in the trenches, so that they can reach their true potential faster…

And now, Corey has launched some free video training in advance of the re-launch of his popular Speaking Program. The great news is you can access the first video in the free training HERE

If you want to learn, or relearn, the speaking business to take advantage of its amazing power…

If you want learn how to impact, influence, earn and leave a lasting legacy…

Then click HERE access the first training video

I’ll be watching and leaving comments below the video – look forward to seeing you there!


Corey wants to make the training as transformational as possible. If you have any questions about speaking, the speaking business, or how to grow your business from the stage, he’d love for you to connect at

P.P.S. Corey’s goal is to help you spend as little time in the trenches as possible! Click HERE to register

The great part is this video training is FREE!




Option 1:

My friend, and multiple-time TEDx Speaker, Corey Poirier, is absolutely passionate about helping entrepreneurs, seasoned speakers, and new speakers, learn how they can begin speaking for fees, growing their fees, and/or speaking to explode their business / brand.

Recently, Corey took things to the next level by creating and releasing some free speaking for impact video training for you. Following the free video training, Corey will be re-opening the doors to his popular Speaking Program.

Head over to to watch the free video training and learn more!

Option 2:

Ready to take your business and life to the next level by crushing your goals and conquering your dreams from the stage? Perhaps you want to secure and deliver your first TEDx Talk? Perhaps you want to earn thousands while impacting thousands during each talk?

Corey Poirier created free video training and a step-by-step program that will help you do just that. The free video training is available now and you can check it out at

The paid program that follows the free video training is aptly called, The Speaking Program!

Head over to to get in on the training while it’s still free!

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